Can 3D Maps Save the Trees?

A new technology called ProximiTREE could be the next step towards the environmental conservation of trees. ProximiTREE is designed to map trees with detailed modeling of the canopy covers and tree heights, achieved through overlapping aerial photographs. Infrared data is also utilized to calculate the height and extent of each tree and its canopy.

The company behind this technology is UK-based Blue Sky International, explaining why the map currently shows only the trees of England and Wales. The map will be used to update and monitor information for the UK’s National Tree Map, allowing diseases, pests and other phenomena to be closely followed.

The map will also provide information for urban planning and building, along with data management in the event of a natural disaster such as a fire or flood. Blue Sky sees the ProximiTREE as an essential tool for researchers managing and preserving tree populations that aid habitats and wildlife and provide atmospheric oxygen.

ProximiTREE is much more accurate than basic aerial photography, and may prove to be an impressive tool for environmental conservation. A map for Scotland is in the plans for next year, with expansion to other countries underway for the future.

Image: Trinity

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