Everyone’s Favorite Underwater Animation Now in 3D

Finding NemoIt’s time to go on the adventurous hunt for that little orange and white flounder, but this time the journey can be taken in 3D. Disney Pixar’s box office hit, Finding Nemo, has been converted to 3D, allowing viewers to explore the animated version of Australia’s ocean waters in the third dimension.

The re-vamped version of the 2D film is sure to be a huge hit, pulling crowds into movie theaters since its release last month. Although the original film is only nine years old, it quickly became a favorite among kids and adults because of its very accessible storyline. The epic journey of the cute talking fish that is lost and then found – after its father and hilarious traveling partner search high and low in the Australian waters – is very touching, and has stayed with many viewers all these years.

The trend for 2D movies to be remade into 3D has been repeated in several movie genres, from old classics like Snow White to blockbuster favorites like Titanic. Pixar movies lend themselves especially well to 3D conversion, as the digital animation and defined lines of the cartoons are easier to visualize as ‘popping out of the screen.’

Finding Nemo 3D will soon be in a town near you so that a journey through the deep, blue sea can take you on a fishy but funny ride to find that adorable little flounder.


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