Experiments for 3D Printing of Human Body Parts

3D printing is one of the most impressive and important inventions in modern times. The rate of its development is moving at such a fast pace, that ideas which seemed like impossible science fiction fantasies are becoming realities that may shape our daily lives.

One of these remarkable developments is the 3D printing of human tissue and body parts.  While pharmaceuticals, surgical inventions, medical technology and anatomical research have advanced immensely since the days of Joseph Lister, printing 3D body parts seems like something out of this world. And the technology could provide immeasurable opportunities in the fields of medical research and conquering disease.

Experiments involving 3D printing of body parts are underway at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, where progress is being made with the 3D printing of a kidney. The companies behind the 3D printing technologies are Organovo Holding and Autodesk, both of which are working to create design software for 3D bio-printing.

Image: MilitaryHealth

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