Five Awesome 3D YouTube Videos

Although a fairly new pastime, the ability to watch 3D videos on YouTube is a rapidly growing one. Since the technology is so new, the videos can’t be embedded and require those red and blue glasses for viewing. So grab a pair and entertain yourself!

Knex Rollercoaster in 3D

An awesome 3D video, Knex Rollercoaster gives you an in-depth sensation and understanding of how well 3D viewing technology can create a realistic experience. If only it were longer than 10 seconds!

Hollywood 3D Sampler

This cool sampler can switch between 2D and 3D shots of your favorite Hollywood movies, and you don’t have to keep taking your glasses on and off.

Biggest Bird To Be Shot in 3D Slow Motion

This one’s for the nature freaks, but worth a watch, as it’ll impress even those who couldn’t care less about birds.

3D View of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

This is a great video to see how 3D works for landscape viewing, as it gives amazing depth to the city beyond the peak. Forgive the strange music. …

Mosquito Highway

Strangely enough, this video of a man watching mosquitoes fly past him at high speed has become the most popular 3D-enabled video on YouTube. Worth curbing your curiosity? We think so!

Image: 3mj

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