Museum of 3D Printing Open in China

The Beijing DRC Industrial Design and Creative Industry Base has recently added an exciting  exhibit to its roster. A 3D printing museum was opened at the Base on January 15th, providing visitors with the chance to see how tridimensional technology works. The museum is exceptional in its ability to demonstrate the developments and advancements of 3D technologies in medical applications, as well as in future home use.

The museum houses a 3D scanner that is hooked up to a 3D printer, allowing visitors to take home mini life-like figurines of themselves. The shoebox-sized scanner takes a 3D body scan of a visitor, after which the multi-dimensional data is processed by a computer, and then fed to a 3D printer that prints out the figurine. Although a unique keepsake, this little clone is a bit pricey at 700 Chinese Yuan, equivalent to about $110.

The printer can also print out items such as rings, shoes, dolls, iPhone cases, cans, vases and other small objects. As 3D printers become more popular in homes and as part of business operations, they may create a massive shift in manufacturing methods and lifestyles. Some even predict that 3D printing may bring on a new Industrial Revolution.

Image: pellesten

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