Printable Guns Becoming a Reality?

In light of so many recent gun-related tragedies and with political discussions centering around gun laws, the idea of printable guns is too scary to be real. Although an entirely printable, 3D gun has not been developed, it has been confirmed that an assault rifle made with a 3D printed part has recently been tested.

The rifle was tested by Defence Distributed, a nonprofit that aims to create plans for 3D printable guns that can be accessed and utilized by anyone. Their “Wiki Weapon” project is the coinage of their mission, which has been featured in large publications such as Forbes Magazine, The Guardian and The New York Times.

When tested, the gun performed for six rounds before the printed part fractured in 3 places and then broke completely. Assembled from various guns of the same model, the trigger and grip were the experimental 3D printed parts, designed from a blueprint found on the internet.

The mission of Defence Distributed is definitely politically charged, as the organization is still waiting for a Federal firearms license from the U.S. Government. Their objective is to create the first fully functioning, entirely 3D-printed gun. Currently, there is much support for this project, and as many detractors.

Image: Selina Moses

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