Researchers Create Tridimensional Online Shopping Experiences

So many of us stumble upon the issue of size and fitting when shopping online, causing us to veer away from buying certain types of apparel or shoes on the Internet. How can we really know if something will fit if we can’t try it on?

Researchers at the London College of Fashion have an answer for this dilemma, called Body Shape Recognition for Online Fashion. The research project is a new 3D technology that has been developed as a software program for online clothes shopping. The software basically acts as a 3D tape measure, taking extremely accurate measurements and dimension conversions from photographs.

Using this software, the customer takes a photograph of herself, but the photo is not stored on the Internet. Since height is the starting point for the group of measurements, the customer enters her height into the field. The software then uses the photograph and the height figure to build a 3D image of the online shopper according to dimensions at different points of the body.

Seen as a fantastic development by many involved in the online retail industry, the software could potentially save consumers and retailers money. Instead of having to buy two or three of the same garment in different sizes, customers could buy the correct size from the start.

Look for this fantastic new 3D development, which is to be expected in public use within the next two years!

Image courtesy of BelleNews.

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