The Filabot to Bring Recycling Ability to 3D Printers

Ongoing development of 3D printers and 3D printing materials has spurred a hunger for technologies that enhance the value of 3D printing.  That’s why college student Tyler McNaney has decided to bring recycling and 3D printing together in a revolutionary and extremely useful invention.

Tyler McNaney’s masterpiece is called the Filabot, a machine which grinds recyclable materials into a form that can be shaped into a new, usable object. Anything recyclable, from bottles to Legos to water pipes, can be fed into the machine, which grinds, melts and turns these objects into filaments that can be molded into desired shapes. McNaney sees the invention as a realistic, sustainable use for 3D printing, offering the ability for households with 3D printers to re-make anything without purchasing new materials.

McNaney is currently developing his technology, and has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for improving different models of his invention. His aim is to demonstrate that 3D printing can be much more than a toy that produces flimsy objects, and to demonstrate how 3D printers can become essential to every sustainable household. We hope to see this technology perfected and mainstreamed in the near future!

Image: Filabot

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