Transparent 3DTV Screens

Last month an exciting new 3D development was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show. HiSense, a Chinese electronics company, showcased its transparent 3D displays and television screens, wowing show visitors and other exhibitors.

Having occupied the space normally reserved for Microsoft at the show, HiSense was in fine form to share its technology with the world. Their 3D LCD screen demonstrated how a real estate company could display a real-life model town behind the screen, while the video on the screen indicated properties for sale in the town.

HiSense also displayed its transparent, 2D touch screen, which offers the potential for retail stores to add layers of information to products shown on the screen. Customers could then navigate through the information and make informed purchasing decisions, enhancing their shopping experience.

The products on display at the CES are prototypes, and the screens and displays won’t be available on the consumer market in 2013. Museums and other public venues will be targeted as the future customer base.

Image: Wired UK

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