Wear Sony on Your Face?

Sony has developed a piece of headgear that acts as a personal 3D home theater, to be used by one person at a time. Sony believes it will attract a plethora of gamers and 3D enthusiasts.

Called the T1, this piece of equipment resembles a cross between a helmet and a set of goggles, and can be attached to its own minute processor and then to any Blu-Ray player or gaming platform. Each eye has a 0.7 inch OLED screen that creates the total 3D experience, bringing the viewer into a whole new world of their own. Since the screens for each eye are completely independent and have a resolution of about 1280 x 720, using the gear is like viewing a 750 inch screen from a distance of 60 feet. To top it off, a surround sound system is built into the headphones to create the optimal immersive experience.

Watching movies is often a social event, and using the T1 creates a totally singular experience. The equipment, however, will probably appeal to gamers and movie watchers who love 3D, and don’t mind watching films alone.

The T1 is expected to debut in Japan in early 2013, while the headgear could come out in Europe and the US earlier. Priced at approximately $800, it’s definitely an investment for the 3D obsessed.

Image courtesy of Highsnobiety.

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