Peanuts Comic Strip in 3D

Peanuts fans will rejoice in their chance to see Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Lucy and Linus in 3D glory on November 25, 2015. A film based on the storyline of the comic strip animated by Charles Schulz is currently under production. … Read More

Displays for Simultaneous 2D and 3D Viewing

Researchers at the University of California in Santa Cruz have developed a display that provides simultaneous 2D and 3D viewing. The 2D viewing is as good as possible without the use of any 3D glasses; popping on a pair of … Read More

The First 4D Animation from the UK

The Good, the Bad and a Horse is a British animation in 4D that premiered in theme parks and at public attractions during the summer. The 11-minute film was presented by nWave Studios, and tells the story of a cantankerous … Read More

David Attenborough’s Penguins in 3D

David Attenborough and Atlantic Productions have teamed up yet again to bring us a tridimensional adventure from the continent of Antarctica. Penguins 3D follows the lives of King Penguins on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia in a 40-minute production. … Read More

No More 3D on BBC

At the beginning of July, 2013 the BBC announced that it would be taking a 3-year break from broadcasting 3D material. BBC’s head of 3D, Kim Shillingshaw, said that the project had been a flop with the British public, and … Read More

The Difference between Active and Passive 3D TV

While glasses-free 3D television technologies are still in their infancy, it’s important to understand the differences between those technologies. They will become especially pertinent if you are planning to buy a 3D television, as you will want to choose one … Read More

8D Display at MIT Labs

A special, new 3D screen that doesn’t require any glasses for viewing has been developed at the research labs of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The brilliant engineers and scientists at the lab have even added a feature to the … Read More

What is Networked 3D Printing?

A new social network called 3D Hubs allows users to connect their home 3D printers to local nodes that work with a global distribution manufacturing facility. These 3D printers are networked through a web interface, allowing users without 3D printer … Read More