3DTV Glasses

Glasses-Free 3D TV Research at Hewlett Packard

A group of researchers at Hewlett Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, California has developed a 3D technology that doesn’t require viewers to wear special glasses. But that’s not all – the researchers say that this technology allows 3D viewing from … Read More

Wear Sony on Your Face?


Sony has developed a piece of headgear that acts as a personal 3D home theater, to be used by one person at a time. Sony believes it will attract a plethora of gamers and 3D enthusiasts. Called the T1, this … Read More

Dimenco Launches 110-inch Glasses-free 3D TV This Fall

Dimenco, a 3D TV manufacturing company founded by former Philips employees, will be releasing a 110-inch video wall in the third quarter of this year. Trumping Toshiba’s 65-inch screen with almost double the dimensions, this piece of electronic genius will … Read More

Invention idea: Prescription 3D Glasses

I guess you can say that this post is going to be somewhat of a personal gripe.  I have had some enjoyable 3D cinema experiences (Avatar NOT included) over the years but most of them were dampened slightly by the fact … Read More

Study Shows Difference between Active and Passive 3D glasses

3D Glasses

There has long been a debate surrounding the pros and cons of both active and passive 3D glasses.  Different 3DTV manufacturers seem to all have different opinions on the matter, but little could actually be proven on the matter.  Just … Read More

Panasonic is Introducing Universal 3DTV Glasses

3DTV Glasses

Perhaps I’m a little bit late to the party, but I wasn’t aware that there had been incompatibility issues with glasses and different 3DTV screens.  For those of you who were aware, you might be excited to know that Panasonic has just come out with a universal pair of 3DTV glasses.  This innovation creates a uniform performance standard which ensures that all viewers are getting a similar visual experience.

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Designers Take 3DTV Glasses to a New Level

3D Glasses

While most companies seem to have boarded the train to glasses-free 3DTVLand, others are attempting to turn 3D eyewear into the latest trend.  One of the main complaints of 3DTV and movie critics is the eyewear, but perhaps these stylish new alternatives will change their minds.

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Toshiba Officially Announces 3D Glasses-Free 3DTV

Are you not thrilled about 3D Glasses? Well neither are a lot of people.  Luckily for many people, Toshiba confirmed at CES that they have the commercial availability for developing glasses-free 3DTV.  The 3DTV will be larger than 40” and available in Europe in April 2011.

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